form [n1] shape; arrangement anatomy, appearance, articulation, cast, configuration, conformation, construction, contour, cut, design, die, embodiment, fashion, figure, formation, framework, mode, model, mold, outline, pattern, plan, profile, scheme, silhouette, skeleton, structure, style, system; concepts 184,660,754,757 —Ant. shapelessness form [n2] animate body and its condition anatomy, being, build, condition, fettle*, figure, fitness, frame, health, object, outline, person, phenomenon, physique, shape, silhouette, thing, torso, trim*; concepts 316,389,720 form [n3] accepted procedure; ceremony behavior, by the book*, by the numbers*, canon, ceremonial, channels*, conduct, convenance, convention, custom, decorum, done thing*, etiquette, fashion, formality, habit, law, layout, manner, manners, method, mode, practice, precept, proceeding, process, propriety, protocol, regulation, rite, ritual, ropes*, rule, setup, style, usage, way; concept 688 form [n4] document that requires answers or information application, blank, chart, data sheet, letter, paper, questionnaire, sheet; concept 271 form [n5] type, kind arrangement, character, class, description, design, grade, guise, make, manifestation, manner, method, mode, order, practice, rank, semblance, sort, species, stamp, style, system, variety, way; concepts 6,378 form [n6] organization, arrangement format, framework, harmony, order, orderliness, placement, plan, proportion, scheme, structure, symmetry; concept 727 —Ant. disarrangement, disorganization form [v1] bring into existence; make, produce arrange, assemble, block out, bring about, build, cast, complete, compose, conceive, concoct, constitute, construct, consummate, contrive, cook up*, create, cultivate, cut, design, develop, devise, dream up, erect, establish, fabricate, fashion, finish, fix, forge, found, frame, hammer out*, invent, knock off*, make up, manufacture, model, mold, organize, outline, pattern, perfect, plan, plot, project, put together, scheme, set, set up, shape, structure, throw together, trace, turn out*, work; concepts 168,173,205,251 —Ant. break, destroy, hurt, ruin form [v2] come into being; arise accumulate, acquire, appear, become a reality, become visible, condense, crystallize, develop, eventuate, fall into place*, grow, harden, materialize, mature, rise, set, settle, shape up, show up, take on character, take shape*; concepts 105,704 —Ant. destroy, kill, ruin form [v3] educate, discipline breed, bring up, give character, instruct, rear, school, teach, train; concepts 285,295 —Ant. neglect  form [v4] comprise, be a part of act as, compose, constitute, figure in, make, make up, serve as; concept 643

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